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Youth basketball is an exciting experience and a great way for young boys and girls to learn valuable skills. Go Hard Basketball is dedicated to help youth develop physical and mental skills that work on and off the court. Our programs help youth build a sense of teamwork, cooperation and community. For Go Hard Basketball and our players, it isn’t about winning every game but learning how to set goals, be proactive and work hard to accomplish those goals.

Founded in 2011, Go Hard Basketball has been dedicated to helping youth find joy in playing and learning about basketball. Our goal is to provide more than court coaching experience and sports outlet for the youth. We aim to teach kids what it takes to be a champion and a participating team member regardless of whether you win or lose. But most of all we want to teach them how to GO HARD at any challenge life may throw at them.


We emphasize controlled aggression, and we run FASTER, jump HIGHER and play HARDER.
We teach the youth that work ethic and work ethic alone separates the good from the great.
Go Hard Basketball is not the typical AAU, Club team or training program.



We currently play in various leagues and tournaments year around in the Portland metro area. We do plan on playing in Seattle, Portland, Eugene, Idaho and possibly Las Vegas over the upcoming year. Kids have to try out to play on these teams. This is for the serious ball player and requires a commitment from both the players and parents. We are currently looking for players in Grades 2 – 8 for the fall season.


Go Hard Basketball hosts skill development camps and clinics throughout the year. We have Open Camps and Clinics that are for the public as well as private options for established teams. Go Hard Basketball does not recruit kids from other teams, and has a policy we follow regarding team switching, meaning your teams are safe to train with us.


We offer endless choices for private or personal training for basketball players of all ages. Our youth programs are set around the players’ and parents’ goals: we set them together, map out how to get there and include the parents because they are an important part of any team, and having the family as a support system will help your player reach his or her goals.


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